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Connect your phone to Qoobi via Bluetooth and play your favorite music...

Connect your smartphone to Qoobi ONE via Bluetooth and play your favorite music...


Qoobi ONE transforms digital track using vacuum tubes into warm analog signal.

shtekers shtakers

Enjoy your music collection from your smartphone
a vinyl-like quality!

Why Tubes?

Pizza Theory...

Compressed digital music is like a frozen pizza. Smartphones cook this pizza like a microwave oven. Convenient but not very tasty. So, we decided to create a device that can cook music like a wood-fired oven. Delicious and aromatic!

without Qoobi
with Qoobi
Cold & Lifeless
Warm & Colorful
Qoobi-pizza Qoobi-pizza Qoobi-pizza Qoobi-pizza



A'Design Award: Winner Gold

CES 2019 Innovation Awards: Best of Innovation

Red Dot 2019: Best of the Best

Red Dot 2019: Luminary Nominee

Qoobi one Qoobi one
Qoobi One Qoobi One 2

3mm scratchproof Quartz glass prism

Anodized hand polished Aluminum polyhedron

We created Qoobi as a piece of art and tech. We have selected the highest quality materials and manufactured the device that can be the best part of any contemporary interior.

The sharp shape of anodized hand polished aluminum polyhedron enclosed in a thin quartz glass prism looks conceptual and attractive, it also chills down heated vacuum tubes.

Ready for Production

We successfully presented our fully working prototype at

Qoobi production
Qoobi production

We successfully presented our fully working prototype at

Qoobi production
Qoobi production

"...you have an amazing product and I'd love to help you make Amazon a successful marketplace..."


"...It was great to meet you at CES and see your demo. The product does look premium, and unique..."


"...First of all, it's absolutely stunning and on a museum level of design..."


"...we are very keen to pro­gress and are very interest­ed in your product. In fact...


"...Big kudos on the design of the product - super impressive..."


"...WIRED is looking forward to listening to the finished product..."

With the stylish Mobile App you can control your Qoobi ONE from any smartphone.
The visual impression enhanced by interactive LED light controlled by our mobile App.


Qoobi App
Qoobi App Qoobi App


Qoobi Qoobi 4,1" 10,6"
Power Supply: Power Consump.: Dim.(W x H x D): Weight:
AC 90-240 V 45 W 268x104x130mm 4 kg / 9 lb
Power Supply: AC 90-240 V
Dimensions (W x H x D): 268 x 104 x 130 mm
Power Consumption: 45 W
Weight: 4 kg / 9 lb


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Qoobi Team

Sergei Avdeev

Sergey Avdeev

Acclaimed pop music and media projects producer. A reputable expert in the entertainment industry.

Matvey Evstigneev

Matvey Evstigneev

Well-known graphic and industrial designer. The winner of numerous prestigious design Awards.

Evgeny Klukin

Evgeny Klukin

Founder of N.O.S., a successful Israeli studio equipment development and production company. Former head of department at Waves Audio Ltd.

Sergey Pankratov

Sergey Pankratov

Qoobi B.V. Executive Director. Passionate for good sustainable business.

Maria Samoilenko

Maria Samoilenko

Qoobi B.V. Executive director. A Well-known Professional in the music business field.

Valery Rasputny

Valery Rasputny

Qoobi B.V. Chief Development Officer. Project management and team development expert.

Mariёlle Uiterwijk Winkel

Mariëlle Uiterwijk Winkel

Qoobi B.V. External Relations Officer. A Well-known Professional and expert.

Japanese version coming soon...